Maul Power Group Inc.

Maul Power Group is an electrical contractor that specializes in providing a wide range of electrical and data solutions for a variety of industries. We have provided electrical solutions for industrial and commercial building projects since the 1940s. Our main goal is to raise the standards of our industry as a result of our commitment to providing outstanding service.

Our Services

High Voltage and Medium Voltage  Installation and Maintenance

  • This is a service that should only be provided by top-level professionals. We have an excellent team that can offer this advanced electrical service safely and efficiently.

New Construction Projects

  • Providing reliable, efficient electrical systems to new construction projects is a specialty of Maul Power Group. We can ensure that your electrical system seamlessly integrates into the design and needs of the completed building or extension.

Data Center Installation and Maintenance

  • If the industrial or commercial building needs a data center, you should work with data center experts. We have successfully installed and maintained many data centers to meet the unique needs of each individual project.

Plant and Production Line Facility Electrical Services

  • We have a team of skilled experts that fully understands the electrical needs of plant and production line facilities. The systems we provide can be relied upon for decades.

Electrical and Data Solutions for Pharmaceutical, Academic, Institutional, and Commercial Properties

Maul Power Group has provided high-quality electrical and data solutions for various properties. This includes pharmaceutical, academic, institutional, and commercial properties. These types of organizations rely on electrical and data systems during their day-to-day activities.

Our Licenses and Certifications

  • NJ Electrical Contractor & Business License #6318
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • Public Works Contractor Registration Act
  • Division of Property Management & Construction State Classification (DPMC)
  • New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation (NJSCC)

N.J. Electrical Contractors Lic. #16085
N.J. Electrical State Inspector/Sub Code Lic. #8975